Mythical Obstacles



Mythical obstacles…What does it mean?

Its true that we face many obstacles in our life but we have to overcome to become successful.

But, do you know these obstacles exist or not? Everyone’s gonna say yes like what have you seen obstacles like they are some things that can be moved from here and kept there. definitely not.

These obstacles are developed by your own mind for you or as many say traditionally by destiny (its brain tho) Actually these are all obstacles are Mythical.


if you know that these are a Myth you will overcome and they will never seem to obstacles instead they will be like a stepping stone in the journey of your success.

Let me explain you how. When you think, “Man, it really is difficult. This is simply impossible. even if i overcome this obstacle i guarantee there are 100s of more. I can’t do it.” Now, it’s your brain’s job. It interprets all your thoughts to make them a reality. Yeah, so maybe you won’t actually have any obstacles to face but don’t worry your brain will make it possible.

On the other hand, if you think, “All these obstacles are just Myths. they can’t control me. They can’t stop me from being who i want to. I can overcome them cause they are Mythical Obstacles, aren’t they?” You know what result you will get.

Remember nothing can stop you, not even these so-called obstacles cause they are just Myths. Be who you are cause everyone else is taken.


Tart You and Tart Me


Literally Tart means a sweet sugary filling inside a fruit or pastry. But, here we are talking about Tart People.


Wait, what?!!! Sweet and sugary people?

Haha, yeah. So there are 2 types of tart people.

  1. Those you love and are thankful to
  2. Those who pretend and you wanna get rid of them.

So, for the first category there will be some special people in your life who supported you in every step and decision of your life by being sweet and talking sweetly. They know how to turn your decisions by their so-called sweet talking but even when they do so its for your own good. They would never try to harm you yet they are dangerously TART!!! But, you have to be thankful to them for sticking up like always on your side.

In the second category, we find pretend people. These people just come to you to show their fake sympathy. When something happens with you, They are the first ones to knock your door (even before your friends and neighbors) they like to make you feel like you did a mistake and brings it up on you of whatever happened. You cannot blame them for this cause these people are meant to do such things and we shouldn’t allow them. I mean if we have our boundaries and we know no one can make us feel like its all our mistake…..there wont be ham, would there? So we have to ignore such people and be happy 🙂

Maybe you face pretend people more than real sweet ones, but that doesn’t mean you are not worht it cause pretend ones are gonna make you feel that. So, yeah you out there reading this, you are amazing and definitely you are worth it!!!

P.S. Which category are you?



Flames and Me



Flames….what is the first things that strikes your mind thinking about the flames? For me, it is someone or something strong and aggressive. Its preety, hot and feirce.

So how many of us like flames?

Me..i dont know. You? I bet.

So what exactly i am trying to say here is we all want to become something in our life but we know its difficult and let’s face it.

Everyday we don’t have good days. Sometimes we feel like giving up everything. The flame inside us, the fire inside us goes out. But, we have to remember of those people and be thankful to them who help us in such situations and help us to enlighten the fire inside us that helps us to live life again and be thankful to everyone.

They may be your parents, friends, siblings, teachers or Strangers. But they helped you to get on track again. They helped you understand that things happen but we cannot just give up. There is always a door open to us, these people help us to find it.

Let’s talk about me, whom am i thankful to?

My economics sir. His words of wisdom help me get out of that situtation where i lost track of who i am and who i wanted to be. A whole month i did nothing and just wasted my time in useless things. the girl i had become for a month, i regret being her. But, his words made my flame lit up again. thank you sir.

Remeber that there will be times when you won’t feel happy. It might seem the world’s ending. But remeber there are always few people who care for us and who help us get back on track We should never forget them.


We should be thankful to those people who help us climb the ladder of success cause we will need them climbing down.




OR is that really important?


Or is quite a word huh. We all want choices in our life right? Well they cane be anything. Whether its choosing a dish, a hotel, a book, a dress, a place to visit and what not?

But we want choices on our LIFE. Got me? No..Okay.

If we get a chance and its likely we are not gonna get it but still we all wish that our life could have been something else and different from what it is today.

We often think that we could have a better life if we did this or had that or went there or was the child of Bill Gates. Well you cant lie to yourself, can you?

So, we all know that our life is important but we cannot stop ourselves from thinking about it, can we? There a million ways we imagine our life should have been. But, what we don’t realize is that our life is far better. Compare yourselves to people who don’t have parents, home, food, clothes or friends. People who have no job and roam around just in search of a ray of hope. We have food, clothes, parents, friends, money, homes and support for we can make our dreams come true.


Seriously, for once just think about how your life would have been if you were some beggar or some drunkard roaming waiting for something better to happen. My dear reader this is your life and you are given everything you need to live life happily and become someone who the society acknowledges.

Lets just face it. We have to respect and be happy with things we have today. Forget OR and think that we have a purpose to fulfill and be a gift to our parents and teachers who did everything to help us grow. Stop thinking about things you lost in the past cause they were never yours. Be happy for what you have and not for what you don’t have.



Generally Primp means grooming yourself carefully or doing your hair and clothes.

But have you ever thought that our life also need to be primped?

Nah, we never thought cause we all were busy primping our clothes and hair. LOL


Now, we live in a world where we are close to people with whom we chat online but not with the people around us. We feel we have better and honest online friends

rather than our real ones. We fell depressed, tensed, unhappy like everyday.

What is 1 thing we long? Peace ikr? Peace from the scoldings of our boss, peace from the comments of other people and peace from judgments.

ASK YOURSELF : When was the last time you refused to judge someone and look at the two sides of the coin? For me, it was never.

So, let’s come back to primping our own LIFE. Yes our damn life. We know we only live once but we are busy running behind things that we forget to LIVE life cause right now we are just survivors of life. We are not LIVING it.

So heres the Primp Plan.

We gotta make a routine (wait what?!!! Yeah you heard right)

Seriously we heard everywhere that we gotta make a routine and then follow it and blah blah. But lets face it we don’t do that cause its time consuming but how to make yourself do that huh? Simple, find a reason for any 1 of the following questions :

  1. Why do i need to live a primp life?
  2. Why do i need to make a routine?
  3. Do i want to be successful?
  4. IS it important to have a primp life ?

Now, everyone has a different ques and you need to find that. Above are just simple examples to help you out. But theres a question that no one else may think is worthy but for you the answer to that ques may be so much important that you make a routine and follow it.

Next, No thing.


Ofcourse, while making a routine you give time for how much you gotta be on Instagram, whatsapp, facebook etc. and how much are you gonna watch tv, computer (i am sure these are gonna be on the list”) and then time for family( for a primp life it is a must do just half and hour? you gotta spare), maybe time for study (a little won’t hurt ?) etc. So, when you have a perfect routine and you follow it you won’t feel depressed or anxious. And bravo…..You LIVE life and that too a PRIMP one!!!!



The Real Base


Base for me is like the base of something.

So what’s our base or better said basis?

We humans have evolved centuries ago and still we don’t know our purpose, our basis. Everyone has a basis and finding it is difficult but not impossible. once you understand the concept its easy. You may be a dancer, actor, singer, blogger, businessman etc. but you all have a base because of which you are living your life right now.

What is this base concept?

Simple yet complicated. well, for me as a blogger my base was a bit odd. I didn’t start blogging cause i love writing (of course i do!!!) or i wanted a platform to connect with my readers. But, i started blogging cause i have my views and ideas on various things but people around me just don’t wanna listen. They keep making me feel alienated as if my opinions don’t matter. then i found an option where i could tell the world what i think and why my views matter.

Everyone has  a basis for everything whether its being a blogger or  a chef. there is a base for why we started it. So go ahead and share whatt’s you story.


Tiny Thoughts

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

So, tiny is our today’s daily prompt.

Tiny Thoughts

Ever thought about our tiny thoughts affect our dreams?

Whenever we want to do something, there are obstacles and these tiny thoughts can either help you overcome them or help you fail your goals.

So, what these tiny thoughts should be?

  1. Never think that your dreams and goals can wait. Of course you ought to enjoy your life but that doesn’t mean you can just go out and keep enjoying.
  2. Our fav line – i don’t have time, stop saying that cause successful people don’t do that!!

I am not gonna go deep in what thoughts you should have and what not cause you are gonna find 100s of articles on it on the internet but above two are my favorite tiny thoughts.


Do i really want to reach my goal?

Do i really want to live a fruitful life?

Do i want to just keep enjoying myself?

Do i want to be famous and have a name in society?

If yes please stop yourself, yes just stop!! Now, think about where your life is going. Are the things you did in past correct? Analyse what have you done since the day started and count on those things you wished you could change. Just go on now and try to improve yourself.

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