Mythical obstacles…What does it mean?

Its true that we face many obstacles in our life but we have to overcome to become successful.

But, do you know these obstacles exist or not? Everyone’s gonna say yes like what have you seen obstacles like they are some things that can be moved from here and kept there. definitely not.

These obstacles are developed by your own mind for you or as many say traditionally by destiny (its brain tho) Actually these are all obstacles are Mythical.


if you know that these are a Myth you will overcome and they will never seem to obstacles instead they will be like a stepping stone in the journey of your success.

Let me explain you how. When you think, “Man, it really is difficult. This is simply impossible. even if i overcome this obstacle i guarantee there are 100s of more. I can’t do it.” Now, it’s your brain’s job. It interprets all your thoughts to make them a reality. Yeah, so maybe you won’t actually have any obstacles to face but don’t worry your brain will make it possible.

On the other hand, if you think, “All these obstacles are just Myths. they can’t control me. They can’t stop me from being who i want to. I can overcome them cause they are Mythical Obstacles, aren’t they?” You know what result you will get.

Remember nothing can stop you, not even these so-called obstacles cause they are just Myths. Be who you are cause everyone else is taken.


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