Literally Tart means a sweet sugary filling inside a fruit or pastry. But, here we are talking about Tart People.


Wait, what?!!! Sweet and sugary people?

Haha, yeah. So there are 2 types of tart people.

  1. Those you love and are thankful to
  2. Those who pretend and you wanna get rid of them.

So, for the first category there will be some special people in your life who supported you in every step and decision of your life by being sweet and talking sweetly. They know how to turn your decisions by their so-called sweet talking but even when they do so its for your own good. They would never try to harm you yet they are dangerously TART!!! But, you have to be thankful to them for sticking up like always on your side.

In the second category, we find pretend people. These people just come to you to show their fake sympathy. When something happens with you, They are the first ones to knock your door (even before your friends and neighbors) they like to make you feel like you did a mistake and brings it up on you of whatever happened. You cannot blame them for this cause these people are meant to do such things and we shouldn’t allow them. I mean if we have our boundaries and we know no one can make us feel like its all our mistake…..there wont be ham, would there? So we have to ignore such people and be happy 🙂

Maybe you face pretend people more than real sweet ones, but that doesn’t mean you are not worht it cause pretend ones are gonna make you feel that. So, yeah you out there reading this, you are amazing and definitely you are worth it!!!

P.S. Which category are you?




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