Flames….what is the first things that strikes your mind thinking about the flames? For me, it is someone or something strong and aggressive. Its preety, hot and feirce.

So how many of us like flames?

Me..i dont know. You? I bet.

So what exactly i am trying to say here is we all want to become something in our life but we know its difficult and let’s face it.

Everyday we don’t have good days. Sometimes we feel like giving up everything. The flame inside us, the fire inside us goes out. But, we have to remember of those people and be thankful to them who help us in such situations and help us to enlighten the fire inside us that helps us to live life again and be thankful to everyone.

They may be your parents, friends, siblings, teachers or Strangers. But they helped you to get on track again. They helped you understand that things happen but we cannot just give up. There is always a door open to us, these people help us to find it.

Let’s talk about me, whom am i thankful to?

My economics sir. His words of wisdom help me get out of that situtation where i lost track of who i am and who i wanted to be. A whole month i did nothing and just wasted my time in useless things. the girl i had become for a month, i regret being her. But, his words made my flame lit up again. thank you sir.

Remeber that there will be times when you won’t feel happy. It might seem the world’s ending. But remeber there are always few people who care for us and who help us get back on track We should never forget them.


We should be thankful to those people who help us climb the ladder of success cause we will need them climbing down.





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