Or is quite a word huh. We all want choices in our life right? Well they cane be anything. Whether its choosing a dish, a hotel, a book, a dress, a place to visit and what not?

But we want choices on our LIFE. Got me? No..Okay.

If we get a chance and its likely we are not gonna get it but still we all wish that our life could have been something else and different from what it is today.

We often think that we could have a better life if we did this or had that or went there or was the child of Bill Gates. Well you cant lie to yourself, can you?

So, we all know that our life is important but we cannot stop ourselves from thinking about it, can we? There a million ways we imagine our life should have been. But, what we don’t realize is that our life is far better. Compare yourselves to people who don’t have parents, home, food, clothes or friends. People who have no job and roam around just in search of a ray of hope. We have food, clothes, parents, friends, money, homes and support for we can make our dreams come true.


Seriously, for once just think about how your life would have been if you were some beggar or some drunkard roaming waiting for something better to happen. My dear reader this is your life and you are given everything you need to live life happily and become someone who the society acknowledges.

Lets just face it. We have to respect and be happy with things we have today. Forget OR and think that we have a purpose to fulfill and be a gift to our parents and teachers who did everything to help us grow. Stop thinking about things you lost in the past cause they were never yours. Be happy for what you have and not for what you don’t have.


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