Generally Primp means grooming yourself carefully or doing your hair and clothes.

But have you ever thought that our life also need to be primped?

Nah, we never thought cause we all were busy primping our clothes and hair. LOL


Now, we live in a world where we are close to people with whom we chat online but not with the people around us. We feel we have better and honest online friends

rather than our real ones. We fell depressed, tensed, unhappy like everyday.

What is 1 thing we long? Peace ikr? Peace from the scoldings of our boss, peace from the comments of other people and peace from judgments.

ASK YOURSELF : When was the last time you refused to judge someone and look at the two sides of the coin? For me, it was never.

So, let’s come back to primping our own LIFE. Yes our damn life. We know we only live once but we are busy running behind things that we forget to LIVE life cause right now we are just survivors of life. We are not LIVING it.

So heres the Primp Plan.

We gotta make a routine (wait what?!!! Yeah you heard right)

Seriously we heard everywhere that we gotta make a routine and then follow it and blah blah. But lets face it we don’t do that cause its time consuming but how to make yourself do that huh? Simple, find a reason for any 1 of the following questions :

  1. Why do i need to live a primp life?
  2. Why do i need to make a routine?
  3. Do i want to be successful?
  4. IS it important to have a primp life ?

Now, everyone has a different ques and you need to find that. Above are just simple examples to help you out. But theres a question that no one else may think is worthy but for you the answer to that ques may be so much important that you make a routine and follow it.

Next, No thing.


Ofcourse, while making a routine you give time for how much you gotta be on Instagram, whatsapp, facebook etc. and how much are you gonna watch tv, computer (i am sure these are gonna be on the list”) and then time for family( for a primp life it is a must do just half and hour? you gotta spare), maybe time for study (a little won’t hurt ?) etc. So, when you have a perfect routine and you follow it you won’t feel depressed or anxious. And bravo…..You LIVE life and that too a PRIMP one!!!!




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