Base for me is like the base of something.

So what’s our base or better said basis?

We humans have evolved centuries ago and still we don’t know our purpose, our basis. Everyone has a basis and finding it is difficult but not impossible. once you understand the concept its easy. You may be a dancer, actor, singer, blogger, businessman etc. but you all have a base because of which you are living your life right now.

What is this base concept?

Simple yet complicated. well, for me as a blogger my base was a bit odd. I didn’t start blogging cause i love writing (of course i do!!!) or i wanted a platform to connect with my readers. But, i started blogging cause i have my views and ideas on various things but people around me just don’t wanna listen. They keep making me feel alienated as if my opinions don’t matter. then i found an option where i could tell the world what i think and why my views matter.

Everyone has  a basis for everything whether its being a blogger or  a chef. there is a base for why we started it. So go ahead and share whatt’s you story.



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