via Daily Prompt: Tiny

So, tiny is our today’s daily prompt.

Tiny Thoughts

Ever thought about our tiny thoughts affect our dreams?

Whenever we want to do something, there are obstacles and these tiny thoughts can either help you overcome them or help you fail your goals.

So, what these tiny thoughts should be?

  1. Never think that your dreams and goals can wait. Of course you ought to enjoy your life but that doesn’t mean you can just go out and keep enjoying.
  2. Our fav line – i don’t have time, stop saying that cause successful people don’t do that!!

I am not gonna go deep in what thoughts you should have and what not cause you are gonna find 100s of articles on it on the internet but above two are my favorite tiny thoughts.


Do i really want to reach my goal?

Do i really want to live a fruitful life?

Do i want to just keep enjoying myself?

Do i want to be famous and have a name in society?

If yes please stop yourself, yes just stop!! Now, think about where your life is going. Are the things you did in past correct? Analyse what have you done since the day started and count on those things you wished you could change. Just go on now and try to improve yourself.

For more tiny thoughts visit :

20 Tiny Thoughts Crushing Your Biggest Dreams




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