Haha, so today’s prompt is volunteer. what a coincidence! Today only i signed up to volunteer for a lantern festival in my city but my blog won’t be about that cause that’s not something volunteering is really about…for me.

Mmm, Volunteer, well literally it means helping someone to make his plans successful without thinking about a reward but deeply what does it mean? A simple word with a deep meaning.

Volunteer is to dedicate your whole life for someone, something. For ex: dedicate your life to your partner, for me its my nation, to your career, studies etc. but to be honest we cannot give away our whole life to single thing, not in this versatile world of course.

Right, so how can you volunteer?

Simple, don’t need to do loads of things. Just help someone today, right now!!! It may be a person whom you know:; your mom or dad; a stranger, a friend or a Teacher. Volunteer their lives and it will make you feel happy. Just dedicate yourself…volunteer now 🙂


Volunteers do not necessarily have the time ; they have the HEARTS. 



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