Today’s daily prompt is millions.

So okay, there are millions of people on Earth, agree or not?

And out of all those millions somewhere i am and so are you. Think about the probability….wow our chances nearly are so less. But still people like Bill Gates, Obama, Modi, mark Zuckerberg, Dan Brown…all came out of these millions. I hope you don’t think they were born with some special brains that we don’t have.

Who says you are not perfect,

who says you’re not worth it ?


Everyone, you and me have the capacity to become like our idols or even better. How? Stand out of the crowd. Don’t be a part of the MILLIONS cause you are not born for it, definitely not. You need to understand why you are here on Earth. Everyone serves a purpose, what’s yours?

I don’t know mine yet but i am doing everything i can to know what it is and contributing my bit in making our world a better place. Are you?

So c’mon stand out 0f the crowd. Don’t be afraid to take risks, to be called different. You are not good in everything but being average in everything is a mark to success. So stop doing that to yourself, you are not a part of those MILLIONS, you are different. I am different   🙂


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