So for me underground is something that is buried deep down somewhere. Here, as a blogger, i would like to express my deepest buried underground thoughts.  Well, of course there are loads of things that you don’t want someone to know but that’s blogging about, giving out all your thoughts to share to the world.

So i have my past buried under the ground,. No doubt there are many bad experiences that you want to forget in your life. i had some too (definitely not in the way you may be thinking gross no…)  Lol but yeah i forgot my past where i got somewhat hatred and somewhat criticism. but i don’t care cause what i am now, no one can become. A person who is so awesome like me….yeah i love myself. And i don’t even know what i am writing is relevant to the daily prompt but from underground i got to my past and then myself so yeah…..My thoughts are something i have UNDERGROUND. :))


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