Urgent Happiness

via Daily Prompt: Urgent

Well thinking about the word urgent there are a dozen of things that can come in our mind and many of them are stupid too. But i am going with mu guts and this is my first prompt so i really dont know what i am going to write.

Okay, so listening the word urgent i think about things that are really needed to be done today or things that we used to have, that is gone and we need them back.

So i am describing one such thing – Happiness. Yes heard it right…happiness in an URGENT need now. Why? No one is happy. You, me? No one. You can lie to others that you are happy but you can’t lie to yourselves. Real happiness is a dream.

How can we be happy? Yeah looks a easy question but when to be done practically, trust me, it is harder than studying maths (lol)

First of all, ask yourself, Do i really want to be happy? Like really really?

If yes, following are some easy ways 🙂

Keep Smiling, yeah not like the wide teeth grin but a pleasant bright smile that is encouraging yet determined.

Listen to everyone. Sometimes when people speak they irritate us and eat our heads (yeah, the level of irritation!!!) but what should we do? we just have to keep listening without interrupting. Trust me this works miracles!!!! You avoid fights, arguments and answer yourself…half of the problems vanish when there are no fights and argumentscute-happy-little-baby-girl.

Talk to everyone, a Hi! won’t hurt right?

Do things for others, help everyone who comes to you for help cause that is real happiness.

Be comfortable with who you are. The biggest secret of happiness lies here. You are fat, tall, thin, short, ugly? No, you are the most beautiful person on earth!! you are no less than Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber!!!

Yeah that’s all the secrets and if you believe in yourself, if you read this blog and find your answers, you are on the way to happiness 🙂


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